A Great picture of You!

inHIMGB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 10 each

3 rds for Best Time:

14 / 28 Pushup Shoulder Stand

14 / 28 Leg Tucks

14 / 28 Scissors (jumping lunges)

The “pic of you”!  That is the picture you see there.  That is a picture of who you are IN CHRIST.  And that is only part of it.  That is the first page of a booklet I have used for some years now that is straight from The Word of God that tells me just who I am and what I have because of what Christ did and who He is in my life.  The booklet I use with these “IN HIM” scriptures is actually from a book written by John Osteen (Joel Osteen’s dad) called Spiritual Food for Victorious Living.  There are 92 of these Truths that are listed in his book.  I just made copies of that part of the book and use it to remind myself of “just who I truly am”. 

For me and for you it is vitally important for us to understand just who we are and the authority we have.  And all of this is based solely on His Love for us.  The more we understand who we are and what we have been empowered with, because of HIS Love for us, the more “successful” / prosperous / Victorious we will be in our health and lives.  And please realize when I use these words I am referring to being “successful” according to God’s best for us in our health and every other area of our lives.  **(this is not about just “doing better” and or being “successful” according to anyone else’s idea of success.  It is simply being successful at experiencing God’s true best for us, His kids.) 

Unless you get a clear picture of just who you are, you will never walk out all of what you are truly capable of.  Even though everything you need to be very successful in your health and life is already actually given to you and put inside of you, if you dont “know just who you truly are and what you have been empowered with” then you will never see the fullness of the success God planned for you to see and have.   If we do not walk out this in our lives it does not mean in anyway that we are failures and or that God loves us any more or any less.  It simply means that we will not experience all He designed and “planned” out for us. 

So our first step is to focus on learning and understanding more and more just WHO WE ARE IN CHRIST and what He did for us.  The more we realize HE truly LOVES us unconditionally, and realize that HE put inside of us all the “truths” listed in the pic above (+ so much more) the more we will have the faith to step out and EXPECT more in our health and lives.  With this EXPECTATION we will be driven and “compelled” to do the correct things in our health and lives


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