Find a Way to have some Fun with your Workouts!

wout6GB DW (daily workout)

50 Jumping Jacks

35/50/70 Pushup Leg Tucks

I love this picture here of some of our young GB Athletes doing a “non traditional” Exericse.  We love to come up with different and fun drills to do.  I will be the first to admit that we probably need to do this more. 

EXERCISE does not have to be the “same old thing” over and over.  If that is what works for you, then that is just fine.  Here at God-Built we always like to mix it up and keep it different.  And that is the way you should approach your workouts: Keep it mixed up.  Keep doing different things and or the same things, different ways.  This helps to keep the body guessing and having to respond in a positive way to try to catch up.  It also keeps it more “fresh” for you, and more stimulating. 

So do like the kids in the picture and find a way to have some Fun with Working Out!!


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