“Real World” Exercises can be Fun and Effective!

wout26GB DW (daily workout)

Do Max Reps / Distance of one of the following Exercises for 6 minutes:

Jump Rope, Run, Bike, Row, or Burpees!

Check out some of our young GB athletes doing some for sure different Exercises yesterday during one of our Sports Performance workouts!  

Now when I say “different” as it pertains to Exercise, I mean different from the norm when it comes to what most do as far as Exercises.  In actuality though, this Exercise that these 3 GB athletes were doing was actually very “normal” as it pertains to real life.  Sometimes in real life you have to pick something up and carry it.  And sometimes when you do that the object you are carrying may not be very heavy but it may be very “awkward” to carry.  Anyway, even though we sometimes do Exercises that seem different, many times we do them because they are very “REAL WORLD SPECIFIC“!! 

So that being said, try doing some more REAL WORLD SPECIFIC movements such as:

Squats & Lunges – yes these are “normal” exercises that most already do and at the same time extremely “Real World”!

Get Down & Get Up – Basically you just lay down on the floor and get back up to a standing position as fast and effeciently as you can.  Then Repeat. Very Real World.

Farmer Carries – Grab dumbbells, buckets, or something and walk a certain distance.  Again, very Real World.  For you farm boys & girls, this is like going to “slop the hogs”!!

Reverse Diagonal Wood Chop – this is a great one for “real world” movement and to open up the spine, low back, and hips.  **check out the EXERCISE DEMO on the homepage under the title “low back series”.  This specific exercise is demonstrated in this series.

Walk / Run – Real World as you can get I think.  A good idea is to always add in at least a small amount of “Running” or “Sprinting” with all your walks, even if it is only for 20-30 yds.  **And if you have not “sprinted” in a long time, DO NOT take off on an all out Sprint!!  Start with a jog.

There you have it: Some REAL WORLD exercises that you can add into your Exercise Regimen.  This will help you to keep it Fresh and maybe even add in some Fun or Excitement for you!


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