The “Right” Time. The “Right” Program. Here it is!

wout2GB DWs (daily workouts)

Choose 2 -3 for your Weekend!

1. For 10 – 20 Minutes:   Walk 1 Minute, Run 1 Minute

2. Complete 50 / 100 Reps of Each for Fastest Time: Pushup Leg Tuck, Lunges, Super Crunch

3. 30 / 60 / 90 Burpees

This is a pic from one of our GB SUPERFIT group workouts.  Our people are GETTIN ON IT DOG’ON IT!!

Remember when it comes to Exercise, you know you need to.  Heck everybody knows that.  Just dont make it complicated.  Find something that you will actually DO and get started.  Remember, using our GB DWs (daily workouts) is a great starting place.  We usually try to make sure they are under 10 minutes.  Many of them are 5 or less minutes.  And remember to MODIFY the workouts as needed.  And if you are not sure of the Exercise prescription, just do what you know to do.  The main thing is TO GET MOVING, and get moving NOW!  Do NOT wait until the “right time”.  The “right time” is NOW.  Do NOT wait until the “right program”.  The “right program” is the one you start with NOW.  Then along the way if you see that you need or want to make adjustments, Do So.  So GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!


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