Before Starting a Exercise and Nutrition Plan, DO THIS!

boyscampoutGB DW (daily workout)

2 minutes – Jump Rope / Run n Place

Max Reps n 1 minute of each Exercise.  Take 20 seconds rest between exercises:

Squat Jump, Hands Off Pushup, SuperCrunch, Burpees / Scissors (jumping lunges)

Check out the boys at their Cub Scout campout this past weekend.  It was some good FUN.  They both loved it.  It was an Awesome Weekend!  Not much sleep Friday night, but still awesome because the boys had so much fun.

We all want to Improve our Health and every other area of our lives.  We all want this on some level.  Sometimes we are not “working” towards improving certain areas of our lives simply because we are being lazy.  Other times though it is not because we are necessarily “lazy” but just not “sure“.  What I mean by not being “sure” is that we are just not sure if we put in a lot of “work” or “effort” towards improving that we will actually benefit from our Effort.  And this is a legitimate concern.  Basically it is simply a lack of faith.  And like we all know to a certain extent: Anything you “try” to do without Faith is not going to last.  One statement along these lines that I truly believe is this: PEOPLE WILL PROVE WHAT THEY TRULY BELIEVE BY THEIR CONSISTENT ACTIONS.  Basically, whatever people are consistently doing, thinking, and saying is what they truly believe.  So whether you start off in faith or at some point along the ride you develop faith for Improving your health and life, you are going to have to have “faith” in order to stick it out long enough to GET POSITIVE RESULTS

FAITH is key in anything in life.  Faith is Confidence.  Faith is Expectation.  Faith is Boldness.  So whatever you choose to pursue in your health and life, pursue it with FAITH.  You do not have to have the absolute Best workout plan.  You do not have to have the latest and greatest perfect Nutrition plan.  (guess what?  As soon as you “find it” another even better one will come along!)  All you really have to have is FAITH!  When you build up the Faith that is already inside you by Jesus Christ, then with that you will have CONFIDENCE AND BOLDNESS.  You will Know and Expect that you will get your desired results.  The amount of Effort and length of Time will not matter.  And man oh man that part is important.  You have to settle that up front: that you will not be moved or shaken up by how hard it may seem at some points nor by how long it takes. 

And we could go on and on, but lets just let it rest at this: HAVE FAITH.  Have the Confidence, the Expectancy, and The Boldness that come from Faith that is already inside you.  Even before you start a new “health” plan, start SAYING and THINKING in Faith.  Go ahead and build yourself up on that Faith that HE put in you by Jesus Christ.  As you build yourself up on that, your actions will just follow up.  

And remember these 2 important keys as you go:

1. No matter how many times you seemingly “mess up”, get over it.  DO NOT PUT YOURSELF INTO CONDEMNATION.  This is based on fear and guilt, and HE did not give you either of those and those 2 are “stealers”. 

2. NEVER EVER GIVE UP.  Never Stop Expecting!


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