To STRETCH is Good! What kind and when?!

johnsonfamilypic2GB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 20 each!

Check out the JOHNSON FAMILY!  Man I have a beautfiful famiy!  I am so Blessed!  That is my Proverbs 31 woman, The Most Beautiful Woman in the world.  And those are 2 Mighty Powerful Warriors for The Kingdom of God!  And they are mighty handsome too.  Good stuff.  Like I said: “I AM BLESSED”!

If you noticed, the DW (daily workout) for today is STRETCHING only.  To Stretch is Good.  And sometimes you need more of it.  With our Movement Stretches, which we have a video demo for on the homepage, you are Stretching or Moving through Ranges of Motions ACTIVELY.  They are a form of ACTIVE ISOLATED Stretching.  Especially for “pre-Workout” Stretching, we believe it is better to do ACTIVE types of Stretching.  This ACTIVE type can be like the movement stretches which are done at a moderate pace, or you can do more “DYNAMIC” movements such as running, jumping, hopping, etc.  Either way we prefer and recommend ACTIVE Stretching for all pre-Workout stretching and pre-Game stretching for Athletic events.  

The most important thing about Stretching is simply that you do it in some form on a consistent basis.  Many times, you can get good “stretching” from FULL RANGE OF MOTION with Exercises.  So for this reason, along with many other reasons, REMEMBER TO DO FULL RANGE OF MOTION MOVEMENTS WHEN EXERCISING!  Choose to Stretch some way, some how, Consistently!  And that is the bottom line for STRETCHING


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