Health is a Fringe Benefit!

GBhummerGB DW (daily workout)

3 rds for Best Time:

10 Squat, 10 Pushup, 10 Leg Tucks

30 / 50 / 75 Clean Squat Press for Fastest time.  Use barbell or dumbbells

Check out the new GB Ride!!  We are Blessed here at GOD-BUILT!  No, we are not blessed because we have a new GB ride.  We are blessed simply because GOD LOVES us and we are able to help others to “see” and “know” HIS LOVE.  The new Hummer decked out with all the GB decals is just a fringe benefit!!  Ye baby.

Speaking of “fringe benefits”, walking in great health is really a “fringe benefit” too of knowing God’s Love!  The more you understand and KNOW His Love for you, the more confidence and Freedom you will walk in.  With this comes peace, joy, love, and Confidence!  And all of those truly promote good health. 

Many times our poor health is a direct result of us living in the opposite of peace, joy, love, and confidence.  When we consistently live in unrest, fear, guilt, and or bitterness, we are literally causing our bodies to produce very unhealthy responses.   Yes what we eat and whether or not we Exercise does play a big role in our health, but I am fully convinced that these 2 do not ‘weigh” near as much as our spiritual and mental state weigh in on our health.  

Know HE Loves you and stay focused in on HIS LOVE for you.

Know who you are IN Christ and therefore the authority (power) you have.

Think on HIS thoughts about you.

Speak His thoughts about you.

Exercise and Eat good.

Choose these things consistently.

Do Not plan on “messing” up.  And at the same time, who cares if you do!  Get over it and dont skip a beat.  Keep Going. Keep Expecting.



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