GOD-BUILT Rules (2) for Exercise

wout30GB DW (daily workout)

20 Squats, 20 Pushups, 20 Walkn Lunges, 20 SuperCrunch

50 Squat Press for Fastest Time.  Use dbs, barbell, weighted ball

This is a pic from one of our SuperFit Group workouts this morning going at it hard!  They got a bunch of work done in a little bit of time.  Keep it up Team GB!

Basically we have 2 Rules for all Exercise execution here at God-Built:

1. CONTROL– Stay under control performing the fullest range of motion as possible with Great Technique / Mechanics. 

2. KEEP IMPROVING – includes any and all of the following:

Getting better with your Form;

Gaining more Range of Motion;

Going Faster; 

Using Heavier weights;

and or Going Longer.

**We dont Sacrifice #1 in order to get #2!  Basically that means that we dont sacrifice Technique / Form in order to use more weight, go faster, etc. 

If you will remember these 2 very Basic and Simple rules and apply them to all your Exercise, I believe you will do great.  Remember if you dont know how to do certain Exercises properly, get some professional help!!  And here at God-Built we definitely can help you with that!



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