The Root cause of Lack of DESIRE!!

boysbobslednGB DW (daily workout)

200 / 300 Reps of any 1 Exercise or combination of Exercises.  Just complete 200 or 300 total Reps!

List of Exercises you can choose from: Squats, Squat Press, Power Clean, Clean Squat, Power Clean & Press, Lunges, Pushups, Situps, SuperCrunch, DB Swing, Pullup, Dips, 20 Yd Sprint, 1 Arm Snatch, Snatch, Pushup Row, Burpee

The boys are on their “redneck bobsled” having some serious Fun!  You probably saw this a little while back on and I wanted to post it up again because it gives me a little help in our topic today: Why the Lack of Desire?

Our Pastor had a great message for us Sunday as he said there were 2 main reasons why we dont do the things we know or think we should be doing: 1. Distractions; 2. Lack of Desire.  It was a very good message and I really got a lot out of it.  I was asking the Lord to tell me specifically why we develop a “Lack of Desire” concerning our goals and life aspirations particularly when we start off with such excitement.  The Lord showed me plain and simple during the message that it simply comes from Lack of Belief!  Wow now that is true and straight to the point. 

If you remember, we talk a lot about we will all “prove” what we truly “believe” by what we consistently do.  I never really  put this all together though as it ties into Lack of Desire.  I know myself I have wondered many times why in the world has my “desire” to do the things I say I believe will bring great results decreased and sometimes just seemingly all together dissappeared.  Well I knew in part and now I can see more of the WHOLE Truth on this.  It stems all from a LACK OF FAITH. 

If you say or think you “know the things you need to be doing in order to get positive results” in any area of your life, but you are not doing those Correct Things, then it is mostly due to a LACK OF FAITH.  So search yourself and instead of trying to build up your “desire” and emotions, focus on building up your Confidence and Trust in HIM and how much He loves you.  Then from their focus on how He has empowered you thru Jesus Christ and literally made you MORE THAN A CONQUEROR!  As you build yourself up on HIS Faith that is already in you then you will have the Faith needed to have Confidence in getting and actually SEEING The Victory in your health and life.  This Faith is what will reignite that DESIRE.  Now remember to keep this Faith stirred up, and therefore keeping your Desire stirred up!  Wow, great stuff from HIM!!


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