A Little can Equal a Whole Lot!

wout32GB DW (daily workout)

In 7 Minutes go as far as you can in Ascending order: 1,2,3,4,…….

Pushup, Situp, XCruch, Squat

*Perform 1 Pushup, 1 situp, 1 xcrunch (r,l=1), 1 squat.  Then perform 2 reps of each, then 3, and so on for the 7 minutes.

Here is a pic from our 8:45 am SuperFit workout group this morning.  My phone camera could not get everyone in the shot but still got a good mixture of different exercises being performed.  Here is a list of the Exercises our awesome and amazing GB members are doing: 1 Arm Alternating DB Snatches, Burpees, Situps, and Leg Tucks.  They are really GETTIN ON IT DOG’ON IT!

You here me say it all the time, and you will keep hearing me saying it: YOU CAN GET A WHOLE LOT OF WORK DONE IN A LITTLE BIT OF TIME.  I say this all the time because I want to remind you and hopefully Convince you that if you will simply take 3,4,5,6, or so minutes at a time to Workout, you can really make some very good Health Improvements.  When you do these “Short” workouts, remember the goal is to get a lot done in the little time that you are committing to.  So basically you want to do “high intensity” work here.  Remember though, HIGH INTENSITY is always “Relative to the Individual”!!  The goal is for you to go intensely during the short workouts at your level, while keeping Great Control and Form during your Movements. 

So remind yourself, and Convince yourself, that SHORT, INTENSE WORKOUTS will be a great thing for you to Commit to.  Follow the GB DWs (God-Built Daily Workouts), learn how to do the movements CORRECTLY, and do it consistently.  Also remember that anytime and for any reason if you want to MODIFY (alter) the workouts for your needs then go ahead.  The main thing is that you are Moving / Exercising Consistently.


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