Simple Nutrition Tips

wout33GB DW (daily workout)

Max Rds in 6 minutes

8 Pushup Shoulder Stand, 16 SuperCrunch, 16r 16l 1 Leg Bridge

JUMP ROPING!!  Our SuperFit workout group knocked out some jump ropes yesterday!  Good job GB SuperFitters!

I was talking with a new GB client today and we were discussing his goals.  He really wants to make some quick and substantial changes with his body appearance.  We went over the Exercise part and set him a schedule for a 5 day / week program.  He will be doing Personal Training 2 days per week and also doing our SuperFit group training workouts 3 days / week.  I told him that the Exercise is going to be a very important part of him reaching his goals, but his NUTRITION is going to play an even bigger role if he wants the best Results, the Fastest!

I know you have heard me say it over and over, and that is because it is true: Getting your Nutrition right is a big key in achieving overall Health and body appearance Results.  Applying Consistent actions with proper Exercise can not be left out, but The Nutrition usually weighs more in the equation. 

So I encourage you to start today with making simple and basic Nutrition changes.  Here is a list that you can choose from:

Drink water only, or mostly water only

Cut back on Grains (breads, pastas, rices, cereals)

Cut your portions back by 1/3 – 1/2 when eating out

Bring leftovers to Work for Lunch (you can better control what you eat)

Use Nutrition Bars as snacks or Meal replacements when necessary

Do not make it complicated.  Start with simple changes.  Do not make it “LAW”.  Be careful about making “eating cheat meals” your “reward”.  Do not get into Condemnation.  And DO NOT WAIT UNTIL the First of the Year.  Start now, and then you will have some great momentum built up for the First of the Year!


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