Fitness Tests! + Nutrition Bar recommendations

barsGB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 8 each

Test Day!  Perform 1, 2, or 3 of the following Tests.  Do your best, use excellent form, and full range of motion.

T1– Max Squats in 1 minute

T2– Max Pushups in 1 minute

T3– Max Situps in 1 minute

Record your numbers then you can “reTest” in 1-2 months.

The picture is of some of the Nutrition Bars we recommend here at God-Built.  I know I have posted these up several times in the past, but I want to keep you reminded since the right Nutrition Bars can be a great help in your Nutrition.  They are a very simple way to get good quality food into your body.  My recommendation is to find the 1 or more bars that you like the most, and buy a lot of them.  Then you can keep them at home, in your car, and at work.  That way you have instant and easy access to good quality food.  You can use them as Snacks and or Meal Replacements.  Get on it dog’on it!


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