Holiday Eating tips. Helpn YOU to stay on it!

wout38GB DW (daily workout)

Run / Jump Rope 4 minutes

Max Reps n 4 minutes (choose one)- Burpees, Squats, Pushup Leg Tucks, DB Swings, Clean Squat Press

Check out some of our 8:45 am workout group finishing off their Workout with an obstacle course!  One of our members had her kids here and the littlest one wanted to make an obstacle course so that everyone could go through it.  She was so cute I couldn’t turn her down.  So everyone got to go through her Obstacle Course 3 times to finish off their Awesome workout on a strong note!  Good stuff, ye baby!

Remember during this Holiday season with all the Thanksgiving meals, Christmas parties and meals, do NOT just “give in” and throw CONTROL out the window.  You can go to all the family gatherings, the parties, and enjoy all the different foods, and still STAY IN CONTROL!!  How in the world can you do this?!  Well follow these basic tips and you can at least stay in the Mindset of Control, and still keep Positive Momentum going during this awesome season:

Set your Mind right Now that you will stay IN CONTROL during this season.  If you do not set your mind up front, then you most likely will not stay in Control.

Eat some small Nutritious snacks before parties / events.

Eat smaller portions, and more Nutritious foods for a few days leading up to the bigger meals.  **(dont starve yourself though.  this will most likely cause more harm than good)

Eat Slowly.  Do not go back for “seconds” for at least 10-15 minutes after your first plate.  This may sound silly but it works.  *remember it usually takes 10+ minutes for your body to realize it is full.

Workout a little more before and after the bigger meals / parties.

These are just a few basic and Effective Tips that you can use to Successfully keep control of your Nutrition and your health during the Holiday season.

*One of our clients showed us this morning that there are many great Holiday Nutrition Tips on Dr Oz’ website.  Try it and see what you can find that will help you!  Get on it dog’on it!


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