Basic Running Tips

wout40GB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 15 each!!

Run / Jump Rope 10-15 minutes

Check out these good looking ladies doing some Running in the GB parking lot during one of our SuperFit group workouts.  And dont you agree that the new GB ride in the background is super cool?!  I love it.

Running is a great way to get exercise.  My experience over the years though is that most people Run very incorrectly, especially “distance” runners.  So yes I definitely recommend to Run, especially if you enjoy it.  Realize though, just like any other Exercise, you first need to learn how to run correctly.  So find someone who is truly “trained” in the arena of Running, and get them to help you learn how to run correctly.  It does make a difference.

Here are a few Tips for better Running Mechanics:

Focus on good posture with a very slight forward lean.

Make sure your hands do not drop below your waistline.

Do not allow your arms to “cross” in front of your body.  Your hands and elbows should move forward and back in a “straight ahead” motion.

Stay LIGHT on your feet.  Do not “pound” the ground.

DO NOT Heel Strike.  *not everyone agrees with this, but I believe “heel striking” is a major cause for overuse injuries and wildly ineffecient running.

Land in the “midfoot” area for what is called “midfoot” striking.  Or run more so up towards the ball of your foot.  *Notice i did not say your toes!

PULL your heel through by “popping” it through and right back up under your butt, about knee heighth.  Do not “drag” your heel / foot back through.

Be Prepared to Run shorter distances in the beginning while learning Technique. 

Take the Time to get it right, and it will pay off huge!

THe above Running Tips are only a few, but in my years of coaching athletes and observing many “runners”, these are some of the best Tips for running “smoothly” and EFFECIENTLY. 


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