How to Finish out 2014 on a Strong Note!

wout42GB DW (daily workout)

Walk / Run / Jump Rope 10+ minutes

Here is another picture of some “Running” going on here at GB during one of our SuperFit workouts!  Ye baby! 

I was talking with some of our GB youth athletes today and reminded them that one of our goals for December is “TO FINISH OUT 2014 ON A STRONG NOTE”.  And this is what I encourage you to do: FINISH OUT 2014 ON A STRONG NOTE.  Do not wait until the New Year to do some of the simple and Powerful actions that can lead to you taking control and keeping control of your health and life.  If you “wait” until the New Year, it is very likely that once “it” gets here, you will find another reason (excuse) to wait till February or the spring, or whenever.  Do not fall into that tricky trap of “waiting until the right time“.  The right time is NOW!!  Keep making better choices and or start NOW making better choices.  No you do not have to expect to be perfect, but YES you can make a huge difference just by doing Something NOW, and doing it Consistently through the end of this awesome year, 2014!!  Get on it dog’on it!


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