Great Testimony: Big Ben

benwallsGB DW (daily workout)

Movement Strethces x 10 each

Max DB swings n 4 minutes

Check out one of our members running a marathon.  Ben is a great athlete, a great person, and a big supporter of God-Built.  Check out his testimony:

“What God-Built has done for me and my Running:

About 5 years ago I decided that I liked running enough to start doing it as one of my hobbies. Around 2012 I decided to sign up for my first marathon which would take place in April of 2013. I started my training which was very slow at the time, but around the end of 2012 I decided to check out God-Built to see what it was all about in hopes that the circuit style training would help in building stamina and strength (Which it did). I’ll just say the pain I was in after day one was so bad, I figured why not keep coming back. No need to hurt that bad for nothing right? Over the months I noticed a major difference in not only my overall running but my ability to control my breathing. The high intensity work outs have helped me tremendously in my training for not only marathons but also in shorter runs as well. God Built has for sure impacted my running by helping me push myself to that next level which I give most of the credit to the trainers at God Built who have never let me slack or give up on myself. This group has also become very close friends of mine that are just like family which lets you know the type of place this is! I’ve now been hitting it hard for around 2-3 years at the gym combined with my running and have seen continuous improvement in my health and for sure my running ability. No matter how good you may get at something, there is always still improvement and God Built has for sure allowed me to keep testing myself and pushing myself to that next level. The first marathon goal was just to finish which I finished in 4:11:42 , I then continued to push on for a second marathon which I improved to 3:13:08, and then lastly I was accepted to run in the NYC Marathon which was in November where I finished with a personal best of 3:03:27. I have many people I can give thanks to in helping me achieve these accomplishments but I give a lot of that credit to God Built and the trainers/family that is built around that place! Then ultimately the credit goes to God for allowing and giving me the ability to get up each day and having the ability to get out and do the things I love….RUN and WORKOUT!”

Thanks big Ben for your support of what we do here at God-Built and why we do it.  *(On a side note here, we just want you to know that it is not our goal here at God-Built to make you “sore” in a way like Ben was referring to in his testimony.  Ben is the type that is going to “go hard” no matter what, but we typically discourage high intensity work in the beginning for our members so you can take time to learn proper mechanics / form first.)  Ben is an inspiration for all of us.  It does not matter if you want to perform at as high of level of competition like Ben or if you just want to simply TAKE COTNROL OF YOUR HEALTH, you are empowered by God Himself to do it!!  Believe it, and TAKE IT as yours!


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