Best Time of Day to Workout

wout45GB DW (daily workout)

4-5 Rounds with No Rest between exercises or rounds:

Max Reps in 30 Seconds Run n Place

Max Reps in 30 Seconds Burpee

Max Reps in 30 Seconds SuperCrunch

Cool pic of ST doing some Battle Rope drills the other day!  We were blessed to purchase some equipment from a Sports Performance facility in Suwanee called Kinetic Prototype.  We got some new Power Racks, more weighted vests, Track Hurdles, bumpers, and of course a Battle Rope.  We are blessed!

I was reading an article today about “THE BEST TIME OF THE DAY TO WORKOUT FOR FAT BURNING”.  According to a new study you can burn “up to” 33% more Bodyfat by working out in the morning before breakfast.  Now this is not new news.  For many years now, “experts” have said this to be true.  The theory is basically that in the mornings before you eat, your body is in a “fasted” state, with your muscle glycogen stores depleted, so the body has to tap into the “fat stores” in order to get energy for the work. 

Now here is the deal on all of this.  First of all, for years now anytime anyone has asked me “when is the best time of day to workout” my response is always: The time of day that you will commit to working out and actually stay consistent with it.  No matter how much more possibly effective working out in the mornings in a fasted state may be, it does you no good if it is not something you will stick to.  If you are more likely to commit and stick to another time, then that is actually YOUR best time.  Now at the same time, I tell everyone that I do believe for MAXIMUM Effeciency of your time, yes working out in the mornings before you eat is the Best.  

The most important thing for you, and me, is to decide when and what will we actually commit to.  In my almost 20 years now of Health and Life Coaching, I have seen people make tremendous improvements in their health by Exercising early in the mornings, mid morning, lunch, mid afternoon, and late evenings.  So again, yes I do believe that working out in the mornings before you eat helps you to get the most out of your workout, the only thing that matters about “time of day to workout” though is when you will actually DO IT!  So if you will commit to early morning workouts, then GREAT.  But if you wont, then WHO CARES?!  It really does not matter.  The absolute main thing with Exercise is not when you do it, it is that you do Do IT!! Now Stay on it dog’on it or Get on it dog’on it!!


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