Doing this 1 Thing can make a world of difference in your life.

dbchristmastreeGB DW (daily workout)

Max Reps n 2 min of each exercise.  Rest 30 seconds between Exercises:

Jump Rope / Run, Squat Press, Moutain Climbers, Walkn Lunges

This is a neat pic of David Ben in front of his Christmas tree from last year.  The boys love their Christmas trees.  LeAnne does an awesome job of decking the whole house out during Christmas with decorations and the boys get their own tree in their room.  It is great stuff!

We all should ALWAYS live our lives being Thankful.  No matter what is going on around us, and or to us, we can and should choose to focus on being THankful.  And expecially during this time of year I believe you and me should be Extra Thankful.  Take time NOW, and make a PLAN to be THankful from now through the end of this year.  Make sure to stop each day, at least once a day, and Be Thankful.  Make a conscious effort this last few days of 2014 to slow yourself down, enjoy the Christmas Season, and BE THANKFUL!!  It will do you and me a world of Good!!  Ye baby!


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