Merry Christmas to you!

johnsonchristmas2014GB DW (daily workout)

For as Long as you can, Do 1 Burpee every 10 seconds for the first minute, then 1 Burpee every 5 seconds for the remainder of Time.  Go as far as you can!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Here is our Christmas family pic for you.  Man I am blessed with such a beautiful family!!  ye baby!  MERRY CHRISTMAS! 

I love this time of year.  For many though, this time of year is not so much fun.  Maybe something pretty bad happened to them during Christmas time some years back and it brings back bad memories.  Maybe they get caught up in all the gift buying and let that stress them out.  Either way though some people just dont enjoy this time of year. 

Well for me and my family we had some “adversity” and difficulties come our way last year, and again this year during this awesome Christmas season.  Even though we could not then, and we can not now, make the circumstances go away, we chose then, and we choose this year to press in hard to not allow anything to keep us from MAKING THIS CHRISMAS a great time of year for our family.  We are super blessed and we refuse to get into strife, fear, and worry!  We choose to expect God’s greatness, His Peace, His Love, and His Abundance now, and always!

Let’s all choose to MAKE THIS CHRISTMAS an awesome one.  Lets choose to make this Christmas the best one yet!!  MERRY CHRISTMAS to you!!  Ye baby!


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