GET EXCITED! Its Christmas time!

johnsonchristmas2014aGB DW (daily workout)

100 Jumping Jacks

50 Reps of Each for Best Time: Squat, Pushup, Leg Tucks, X crunch, Walkn Lunges

Ok here is another Johnson Family Christmas pic we took right before taking off to Atlanta Sunday for a fun Christmas Day.  Man we had fun.  We went ice skating at the Olympic park, we rode the big hugemongous Sky wheel thing, and ate at Ted’s Montana Grill!!  It was great.

GET EXCITED!  Get yourself Excited about Christmas, about LIFE, about the Truth that HE loved you so much He literally sent His only Son to come and life, and die, just for you.  ANd that is what this awesome season is all about:  Celebrating our Awesome Lord Jesus Christ!!  So get excited.  Make some fun memories with Family and friends.  Choose to walk in His Peace.  He is the Prince of Peace you know.  Choose to get excited about Next Year.  Choose to celebrate the Great Life that HE came, lived, died, and rose from the dead for.  And HE did it all for you!


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