MAKING it a Great year! Get on it, Stay on it!

boyscampingGB DW (daily workouts)

Perform 1-3 of the following:

1. Run n Place / Jump rope 2 min,  50/100 of each- Squats, Pushups, Walkn Lunges, Situp / Supercrunch

2. Run / jump Rope / Bike or Cardio Machine- 3 minutes at a medium pace, then do 5 rounds of 1 min high intensity, 1 min low intensity. 

Me and 3 of my good buddies took our boys to the mountain for a campout New Year’s Day.  Man they had a blast.  First we unloaded at the creek, and even though it was pretty cold, they all got wet, and some more than others.  Then we hiked up top for a campfire, fun, and food.  If you notice in the pic, all the boys (except DB, he was sprinting up the hill) were “hangin” on a strap that Dmac had hooked between 2 trees.  Man did those boys have some serious fun with that contraption.  They climbed, hung, swung, sat, and everything else they could figure out to do on it.  They played and played and played.  And of course they didnt wind down at night, in their sleeping bags, until we had to threaten to beat them, make them seperate, and all kind of other stuff.  Anyway, they had a blast and us dads did too, even with all the “intensity” of it all.

Lets make this year a great one.  I know I have already talked about this, but I just figured it would not hurt to go over it again.  We can make this year great, so lets do it.  This year is going to be our best year yet!  God wants His best for me and you, so we might as well BELIEVE IT, EXPECT IT, AND TAKE IT AS OURS.  No matter what comes our way this year, lets respond in a way Consistently Expecting HIS Best and Expecting to consistently MAKE 2015 our best yet.  And remember, God says WHATEVER YOU DO FOR OTHERS, HE WILL DO FOR YOU.  So a big key to you and me having a great year is to help make it great for others!  Get on it dog’on it1


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