Get Started. Get the DIVIDENDS!

wout50GB DW (daily workout)

2-4 rounds of 1 min Max Reps of each exercise: Squat, Pushup, Walkn Lunge, Situp

rest 30 seconds between each exercise.  Rest 1.5 min between rounds.  **Do your absolute best to get absolutely as many reps as you can for each exercise, each set!

This is a cool pic of DT, one of our most loyal, and longest attending GB clients.  DT has stayed steady with his Fitness regimen for many years now, and it is PAYING OFF for him big time.  He is superfit, and just an awesome guy!  Keep it up Dt!

We can all learn from DT that staying on a consistent Fitness schedule can pay huge dividends, no matter what our age.  So matter where you are at physically, and age wise, you can do something positive for your health, simply by getting started and staying consistent with a good quality Exercise and Nutrition program.  Get on it dog’on it!!


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