Dont Take that sitting down!! Heck NO!

wout52GB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 7 each

For Best Time:

2-3 rds of 30 reps each – Pushup Shoulder Stand, Squat Jumps, Supercrunch

Garrison is a UWG athlete who has a possible opportunity to play at the next level.  In this pic he is doing some 1 Leg Ladder Drills for footwork, coordination, and stability.  Garrison plays offensive line, and is a big dude!  Since my college football days, I have always been amazed by the “big guys” and how athletic they are while carrying so much weight! 

Working with Garrison over the last few days brings back some great memories from my football days.  I remember lifting huge weights, and doing some crazy full speed colitions on the field.  All that was great then, but now I have no desire to do that anymore. 

As I have discussed before, I believe that we all have to be careful about ACCEPTING less than best, and lower performance when it comes to our health.  Now there will be things that you may not care about doing anymore.  Like for me, I dont care about lifting extremely heavy weights, and running full speed into another human while they are running full speed towards me.  And at the same time, there are things that I could do at that age, that I can still do now.  So you have to decided what you want basically.  If you dont want lowered health, and lowered performance, then dont accept it.  If you have gone far away from where you used to be, but want to get back there, then the first thing you need to do is settle it in your heart and your mind that YOU CAN.  Make a plan to get there, then just simply GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!! 

Dont accept less than best.  Dont fall into the trap of just “going downhill” simply because your getting older.  HECK NO!!  Dont take that!  Get on it dog’on it!


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