Your Actions Do NOT determine who you are!?!

wout53GB DW (daily workout)

Jump Rope / Jog 5 minutes

Max Pushups n 2 minutes

Max Lunges n 2 minutes

Check out 4 of our youth athletes doing some 1 arm overhead press.  They are looking strong, and getting stronger! 

We have truly been blessed to work with many youth over the years.  One of the main things we teach the kids is that God loves them no matter what, and thru Jesus they are already MORE THAN CONQUERORS.  This truth is also one of the main things we as adults should focus on.  We too still make mistakes.  Just like youth, we are not perfect and many times we keep doing the wrong things even though we know the “correct” things we should be doing. 

In all this, when we take our focus back to what I mentioned above, “God loves us no matter what, and thru Jesus we ARE ALREADY MORE THAN CONQUERORS”, then we begin to base our beliefs and perception of ourselves on that Truth and not on our actions.  See many times we tend to believe and think about ourselves based on our actions.  If we fail, we think regarding that area of life that we are just a failure.  If we do good for a little while, then end up going back to old wrong habits, we tend to “accept” that as “just who we are”. 

The other day God told me something.  He said: Your actions do not determine who you are.  Wow!  Now that may go cross grain to some, but take a minute to think on that and let it settle in.  God went on to tell me that it is He and His Word that already determinED** who you and me are.  So no matter what “wrong” actions you may seem to consistently do, this in no way determines, and or has determined, who you are.  Remember, God loves you no matter what, and thru Jesus Christ He already made you MORE THAN A CONQUEROR.  And that means in every area of your life!  Think, Meditate on this today! So no matter what “wrong” actions you may be currently doing, do NOT focus on that, instead in the midst of the wrong actions Choose to focus on who you are thru Christ.  This will change the way you see yourself, and your life.  This will empower you to start making the ‘correct” choices since you are MORE THAN A CONQUEROR!  And Get on it dog’on it!


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