Nutrition BARS. To Eat or Not To Eat?

barsGB DW

Movement Stretches x 8

3-5 rounds for Fastest Time

10r, 10l 1 Arm Alt. Snatch, 20 Leg Tucks

Here is a pic of some of my favorite Nutrition Bars.  And yes you may have seen this pic, or another one of “recommended” Nutrit Bars, several times before, but it is only because I want to give you more “AMMO” for taking control of your health and life.  Nutrition bars are a quick and simple way to get some good quality food into your diet, so I highly recommend using them as tools, or AMMO, in your quest for better health!

Now the other day, I was talking with someone who knows a good bit about Nutrition and Nutritional Supplementation.  They made a comment that they “did not recommend clients using Nutrition Bars” because people should get their nutritional needs met through whole foods mostly.  Now I agree totally with the part about “people should get their nutritional needs met through whole foods mostly”.  The only part I dont agree with is “recommending” using Nutrition Bars.  I am not saying that person is wrong in anyway, I just choose to go a different route with our clients here at God-Built. 

In my experience, most people (I did not say all people) are not going to get most of their nutritional needs met through a consistent HIGH QUALITY DIET PLAN.  It just is not going to happen.  Yes we all can do better, but most of us are going to need some more simple and faster ways to get high quality Nutrition into our diets.  And Nutrition bars fit that bill.  Now of course NOT ALL Nutrition bars fit the bill.  And truly most are just…. well they are just “crap”.  You literally might as well eat a Snickers bar.  But when you find the right one or ones, you can surely do a lot of good towards making “better” choices in your diet.  Remember, we talk a lot about the fact that you can always make a “better” choice.  That does not mean it is always the best choice, but it can still be “better”!  And when you are more consistently making “better” choices, you are making great strides in taking control of and improving your health. 

So remember that no you do not need Nutritional Bars in your diet, but if you want them for helping you to make “better” choices, then they are a great Tool!



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