The Best Health Program / Plan

beachdbflynGB DW (daily workout)

10 x all- squats, pushups, walkn lunges, supercrunch

30/50/70 Burpees

Check out the “flying David Ben” in the pic.  This is from 2-3 years ago at the beach.  I saw this pic and thought it might give you a good laugh and maybe warm you up a little too from thinking about the nice warm beach!  Good stuff!

I have been thinking recently about where we came from, how we got started, and where we are now here at God-Built.  Number 1, we have been Blessed by HIM!!  Also, we have seen a lot of changes, and at the same time some things have remained the same.  The main thing that has remained the same, is the “main thing” for us here at God-Built: To run with the Vision God gave us.  ANd that vision is: GOING INTO ALL THE WORLD TEACHING PEOPLE WHO THEY ARE IN CHRIST, THROUGH FITNESS.  We dont always do the best at this, but we do work at keeping this upfront in all we do. 

So in keeping the Vision He gave us upfront, I want to go through a few basics of what we recommend and teach our clients and friends here at God-Built in helping them to take control of their health and life.

1. Know and Focus on the Truth that HE Loves you UNCONDITIONALLY.  The more you know and understand this Truth, the more everything will “fall into place”. 

2. Understand more and more just who you are In Christ Jesus.  You have been empowered to win in this life! 

3. Stay out of CONDEMNATION.  Condemnation literally kills and destroys.  Condemnation, guilt, and shame will hold you back in every area of your life from being able to recieve His Best, His Abundance.

4. Control your Emotions.  You will have emotions, but do not let them have you!  God has given you the power to control your emotions.  You have to choose to use that God given power.  If you do not control your emotions they will eat your body up.  *Science fact there.

5. Choose His Thoughts.  Choose His Words.  There literally is life and death in the power of your tongue.  Choose to speak and think positive, life giving thoughts and words.

6. Expect to Win.  If you do not truly believe you will win in your health and or life, then you probably wont. 

7. Choose to Control your Food.  Choose to move with some good forms of Exercise for at least a few minutes a day, several days per week.

There you have it.  Simple, basic, and yet oh so powerful.



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