Make Eating out at Mexican Restaurants Healthier!

dinner2GB DW (daily workout)

3 rds x 10 squats, 10 pushups, 10 situps

50 x Power Clean & Press  (use dumbbells or barbell)

In the pic you will see an example of one of my highest recommended meals: Meat and 2+ servings of vegetables.  And of course for me, KETCHUP.  Ye ye, I know, it has a good bit of sugar in it, but I love ketchup on my meats!

Anyway, on the subject of my recommended meals, I wanted to share with you my recommendation WHEN EATING OUT, and more specifically when EATING AT A MEXICAN RESTAURANT.  Fajitas are one of the easiest and “safest” foods you can eat when eating out at a Mexican restaurant.  With this recommendation I also recommend you eat no tortilla wraps or only 1.  And if you do eat the 1 wrap with your fajita fixings, then you can still eat the rest of the meat and vegies, just not in a wrap.  Also, take it “light” on the sour cream. 

Another recommendation I have for you when you are eating at a Mexican restaurant is to DOUBLE DIP!  Now I know for many this is a fauxpaux (dont know how to spell that word) to Double Dip your chips I guess since maybe you might get your slobber in the Salsa dip bowl.  But for improved health, it is much better to dip the chip, take a small bite, dip again, take another small bite, and repeat as many times as you can on the one chip.  The deal with this is you will end up eating more salsa and less chips.  And that is a very good thing.  So do yourself a favor and DOUBLE DIP. 



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