Wise to do this for Better Health and Life!!

boysobstacleGB DW (daily workouts)

Choose 2-3 for your Weekend!

1. 3-5 rds of: Run 1 min, squats 1 min, pushups 1 min

2. Movement Stretches x 8

Max DB Swings n 4 minutes

3. Jog 3 minutes.  Then perform 34 / 43 1 arm overhead walking Lunges with rt and lft arm.  Every time you have to stop moving, Do 2or, 20l mountain climbers

Check out the boys in the pic on one of their obstacle courses.  They love making these when they come up here to God-Built.  For some crazy reason they like building it much more than they like having to take it down and put it all up before we leave! 

You know I have said this before, but it is worth repeating: Slow down and enjoy life.   It is like the old saying that we have to literally LEARN TO ENJOY THE JOURNEY.  If we dont enjoy the Journey, because we are so focused on “getting there”, then when we do “get there” we are going to have missed out on some great moments that we will not get back.  I especially have to remind myself of this.  I too get caught up in just trying to “get through the day”, and or “get through the challenge”.  And of course my reasoning is: Tomorrow I will slow down and ENJOY THE JOURNEY.  Well that usually doesn’t work out too well. 

The picture of the boys and remembering watching them yesterday just building and playing on that obstacle brought all this up for me.  I am challenging myself and you to SLOW DOWN AND ENJOY THIS WEEKEND.  We all are busy.  We all usually have plenty of stuff to keep us more than busy.  And at the same time we all can, and NEED TO, Choose to Slow Down and soak it all up. I believe it was never God’s intent for us to rush through life and hurry up.  Yes there are times that we have to rush and hurry, but the majority of the time we dont have to.  And even if your job, family, and other stuff requires a lot from you, that is fine, just make sure and MAKE THAT TIME where you consciously SLOW DOWN.  And even when you are having to rush through life sometimes, you can still do it and ENJOY IT!!  Like Truet Cathy said: “learn to love your job and you will never work another day in your life.”  Now that is great stuff.  He did not say to “find the job you will love”.  No he said to “LEARN TO LOVE” your job.  So wherever you are at in your job, school, etc., choose to Love it, make the best of it, and CHOOSE TO ENJOY THE JOURNEY. 




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