The “real” story with this Johnson Family. Must Read.

twisterGB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 8 each

3-5 rds For Best Time:

11 Squats, 12 Pushup Shoulder stand, 13 Situps

Check out the Johnson Family Game Night with Twister being the 2nd game we played this night.  We let the boys choose 1 game each and this was Joshua Paul’s choice.  David Ben wanted to be the “all time” spinner for some strange reason!  Guess he must be smarter than the rest of us!  And yes daddy was in there too, I just had to jump out for a quick second to take this photo.  Good stuff.

Now yes this was much fun, but no we do not do this all the time.  And no we probably do not do it near as much as we should, but we still did do it on this particular night, and we will do it again.  As a family we are super Blessed.  We have a great family, and we do a lot of great “family” stuff.  And this is usually due to LeAnne making sure we do “fun” stuff, and or the boys asking for it.  So when I post up stuff like this it may look like “man the Johnson’s they have it going on.  They always do fun stuff.  Their kids always get along.  They are always so sweet to each other.  KJ and LeAnne are nearly perfect parents and it must be so nice to be them.”  Well, yes we are super blessed.  Yes we do have a lot of family fun.  Yes it is nice to be us.  And all at the same time, our kids do fight and argue.  They do get into trouble, often.  We do mess up as parents.  We holler too much.  We dont have as much fun as we probably should.  We dont “maximize” each day because sometimes we are worried about something else, and or just trying to get the day over with.  I fail as a husband sometimes and put myself first.  I dont always put my beautiful wife’s needs in front of mine.  I dont take advantage of this stage in my boys’ lives as much as I should.  As a family, we miss it a lot.

I am choosing to talk about all this because I heard the other day that social media has caused an increase in depression over the last several years. (I dont know if this is documented or speculated.  I just heard it and I can understand it.)  The reason being is that people see online through the social resources that people seemingly have these great “fairy tale” lives because of the family vacations, beautiful children pics, etc.  And they start to feel bad and guilty because they think they do not meet up to those particular standards as spouses, parents, people, etc.  All they see is the “good” that people post so many think that those people and families have no challenges.  Well that is so far from the truth. 

I know over the years I have shared with you many personal and family stories and pics.  And of course most the time they are “positive” and happy events.  And even though it has not been my intent, it may come across that we have a perfect family with no issues and challenges, and or that I am trying to fool someone into believing that.  And of course this has not been my intent.  I want to share any and all that I share here on mostly for inspiration whether it has to do with fitness related stuff or family stuff, hence the whole idea behind “your health, your life, your choice” slogan that we use.  This is to inspire people to not just better health but also better life in the whole, as God intended. 

I just want you to realize that yes I do believe and will always tell anyone and everyone that me and my family “WE ARE BLESSED”, and yes we have an awesome, almost TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE Life.  ANd at the same time we have challenges just like everyone else.  And the great thing is that no matter the challenges, thru Jesus Christ, we all can walk right through the midst of it and still live in Peace, Love, and Abundance of Blessings! 


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  1. KJ…although I enjoy all of your articles, this is by far, the one I love the most! Thanks for sharing and your continuous inspiration in health, love and family! 🙂

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