Cheat Days Part 2: It really works

gbsctwout2GB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 8

4-7 rds for Fastest Time:  10r, 10l 1 arm Overhead Walkn Lunge, 15 Leg Tucks

Here is big Dave giving us a great demonstation of some highly Effective 1 Arm Overhead Walkn Lunges.  Good stuff!

Yesterday we discussed the Expert Advise of using “Cheat days” to help accelerate BodyFat Loss.  We had a good many hits on this post from yesterday, but really not near as many as I expected since I put in the headlines: Eat Donuts, Pizza, and Icecream and lose Bodyfat!  Boy I thought we would have like thousands of hits.  Anyway, like this guy says “you cant argue with the science”.  And over the years, I have seen people who got serious about their diets, use this “cheat day” (or as we call it here at God-Built, “Off Days”) principle as a means to maintain consistency and ramp up results.  And I have seen it used, and personally have used, this principle in different ways, to get great results.  Their are several components that come into play in why this works and here are 2 main ones:

1. As we discuss in our 40 Day Health Journal (that you can download for FREE right here on the homepage) for most people it helps them mentally, and therefore emotionally to know that they have an “off” day coming up within 2-3 days.  This helps greatly with adherence in the beginning and to have long term consistency.

2. Physiologically it helps greatly to “switch” things up.  As the research pointed out that the BioTrust Nutrition guys referred to, when you go “strict” and or “restrict” on your diet, your body starts going the wrong way as far as physiological functions after too many days in a row.  So it is good to change things up.  This is a principle that has been used for a long time in the health and fitness world.  And you should take note of it.

All in all, if you are going to, and or already, partaking in a pretty serious “Diet” / Nutrition plan that calls for some strict and “restrictive” measures, then “cheat days” (remember we like to call them “Off” days) can be a huge help.  One mighty important part to remember in all this is that you need not go “extreme” on the cheat part.  Keep it all in moderation.  And then the other mighty big thing to remember is to make sure you Convince yourself that “it is going to work”.  If you do it relunctantly and end up in CONDEMNATION then it certainly will do you no good and most likely will do you harm. 

**Another note on this whole “cheat day” thing is something we have discussed here on many times in the past.  My personal issue with “cheat days” is the PERCEPTION and outlook by the individual doing the “cheating”.  First of all the general perception of “cheating” is not good.  So make sure again you dont think of it so much as cheating, but more as “CHANGING”.  Also, most use this as a reward day.  Well your reward for doing great with your Nutrition IS NOT TO GET TO EAT ALL THE FOODS YOU THINK YOU DONT NEED FOR BETTER HEALTH.  This is absolutely the wrong way to approach these “Off” or ‘CHANGE” Days.  ON these days, you are just eating some of the foods that you choose not to eat on the other days.  Your reward for doing great on your “ON” days, is better Control, and better health.  So make sure you SEE it corrrectly!




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