Foundational Tips for Great Health, and Life!

snowday2014GB DW (daily workout)

10 Minutes – Run / Jump Rope / Fast Walk / Row / Cardio Machine

This pic is from I think 2 years ago.  We had a big time, and the Johnson’s are expecting another great Snow this year here in Carrollton!  Ye baby!

Foundational Health Tips / Reminders:

1. Know that HE loves you unconditionally, and thru Jesus Christ you have been empowered to walk in great Health, no matter what your current “health” state may be.

2. No Fear – Fear is simply “Faith” in the wrong thing.  Fear usually, if not always, stems from Condemnation.  ANd from Fear comes worry, doubt, and Stress.  All of those are literal stealers and killers of great health and life.  So No Fear!

3. Renewing Your Mind – Remember God has already put inside of you everything you need to succeed and walk out His great plan for your health and life.  ONe of the biggest keys to seeing His best in your life is to RENEW YOUR MIND to The Word of God, what He has to say about you, your health and your life.  Oh man this is so big to get this.  Remember your Mind is not who you are!  Your mind is a tool that God gave you to use to steer your body and your life in the correct direction.  If you do not choose to take control of your mind and RENEW it to the way He thinks and what He thinks about you, then you will not walk out His best for you.  AND YES IT IS A DAILY THING!

4. Relax – Dont get so caught up in trying so hard to make things happen.  Yes there is effort, and many times much effort on our part.  Oh my, but when we couple that effort with true Faith that we already have the Victory, and therefore we WILL SEE the great results, then all our efforts can be done with JOY and PEACE! 

5. NEVER EVER GIVE UP – I know for me personally I have seen great victories in my life that I wanted to give up on many times during the process.  But with patience, and Faith, I saw the victory.  Now of course there are things I have been working on, and Expecting, for many years now that are requiring Faith on my part to stay the course.  I know and have complete confidence that I will see the victory, but it has been a challenge.  *Some of the dreams and Expectations I have had since 1996 concerning God-Built have yet to come to pass.  Yet I know that they will, and in fact I know that they are already mine.  It is done.  I just have to stay in Faith, keep doing whatever He says do, and NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

There you have it, just a few Foundational Tips that we all need to remind ourselves of often!


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