GOALS – to set them or not?!

wout23GB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 7 each

4 rds for Fastest Time:

12/20 Overhead Walkn Lunge

25 XCrunch

*on the overhead w. lunge, hold a db, barbell, med ball, etc overhead.

Check out some of our young GB athletes working out hard and knocking out some overhead db presses.  We have some fine young athletes in here with us at God-Built and are blessed to be part of their progression.  Thank you to the Good Lord, and to the parents!


You know one of the reasons our young GB athletes are so consistent is because they have a goal/s in the forefront.  And they keep that goal in the forefront.  Now I know many times they get tired, sore, mad, frustrated, dissapointed, and just flat out ready to quit, but they dont let these “minor” challenges stop them.  And this is the way we all have to be.  First it is usually a great idea to write down a goal.  Keep that posted on your desk, on your phone, and any other place that it will be a reminder for you.  Then when you experience the above mentioned challenges, you can immediately remind yourself of your goal and why you are doing all this work in the first place. 

I have seen peoplewho have experienced good results without having set specific goals, and I myself too have experienced good results without having any specific goals written down.  You have to be real with yourself and decide if you need to set some specific goals and write them down.  For most this always helps a lot.  And even if you can achieve good results without all this, it still will usually help to “amp” up the results if you do set specific goals. 



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