BEST ‘ENERGY SHOT” out there! Take a Shot Today!

hummersnowGB DW (daily workout)

15 x squats, pushups, leg tucks

3 Min Max Reps of Clean & Press, Rest 1 Min, 3 Min Max Reps of Leg Tucks

Now here is a cool pic, at least to me.  This is the big GB Hummer in front of our cabin in Blowing Rock last weekend.  There is actually a longer and pretty cool story to this but the short of it is: Me and my buddy trekked down the mountain to get the Hummer, locked it in 4-Lo, climbed up the mountain, picked up our families, slowly crept back down to our cabin all safe and sound.  And all of this in the middle of some very heavy snow and wind, which here in Carrollton we would have probably called a blizzard.  Anyway I just thought this was a cool pic and wanted to share it with you.  Only thing better would be if the GODBUILT.COM would have shown up on the front window! 

There are 2 main reasons I am sharing this with you today: 1. Because it is fresh in my memory; 2. It gets me excited looking at the picture and remembering the whole event.  The #2 part is what I want to focus on for a minute here.  EXCITEMENT.  Excitement is a big part of life.  You can see it in kids all the time.  They get so excited, and they stay pretty physically wound up too.  And I am here to tell you there is a direct connection.  They dont worry a whole bunch.  They usually dont get consumed with “what might happen”, and about tomorrow.  They are all about TODAY!  And because of that, they can and do get so excited about different things.  ANd this is a big reason for their physical energy. 

You know we all here it often concerning kids: “Man if I could bottle up that energy, I would be a multi millionaire!”  Well we might not be able to technically “bottle it up” but we can get a good ole dose ourselves by learning from them and there outlook and focus in life.  So here is, again, pretty much what they do:




And that is pretty much it.  Now I know that yes they do worry sometimes, and yes kids are like us adults and just flat out lazy sometimes too.  But for the most part they are high energy.  So learn from them, because if there is one thing that is certain, WORRYING ABOUT TOMORROW, and just trying ‘TO MAKE IT THROUGH THE DAY” will literally zap your energy levels.  So again, take it from kids, and GET YOUR ENERGY LEVELS UP THE NATURAL, GOD INTENDED WAY!  Find ways to Excite yourself everyday.  Do things that are exciting and out of the box.  And above all, DONT WORRY!


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