Best Exercises for that SIX PACK!

boysbeach22014GB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 10

5-10 Min Max Jump Rope / Run

Check out these cool dudes.  I posted this pic just cause I think it is cool (yes I am prejudice), plus I wanted you to check out the boys “SIX PACK”, or at least a good start for each of them.  And that, SIX PACK, is the subject of today’s post. 

I get asked all the time “KJ, what is the best “ab” exercise I can do to get my stomach flatter / better looking?”  Well my usual response is to simulate for them the exercise that they perform on a daily basis consisting of taking food from the plate to the mouth.  And of course then I go into the fact that in most cases, the “ab” exercises you do, and the intensity, arent going to matter as much in the way of being able to “see” your SIX PACK!  It is more so going to be what you do in the way of your Diet that is going to cause that SIX PACK to show off!

And then of course after I go through that spill, I go on to tell them that the best “AB” or “Six Pack” exercises you can do are usually not your typical “ab” exercises like situps, supercrunches, xcrunches, planks, etc.  Your best “ab” / SIX PACK exercises truly are ones like squats, front squat, overhead walking lunges, pushup rows, etc.  And usually, after all that I hear “yeah but….”  So they are still looking for that magic “ab” exercise.

All of this is basically to remind you that all the best “ab” exercises in the world may not do much for you in the way of being able to visibly “see” your ABS, or SIX Pack!  Now just because you cant “see” them, does not mean that your hard work in Exercise isnt paying off.  If you stay consistent it will definitely pay off in strength, stability, coordination, overall Core / Body Strength, therefore better fitness and health.  If you want that stomach to be flatter and be able to actually “SEE” some of those abdominal and other core muscles though, most likely you are going to have to get very good Consistent Control of your Nutrition.  And one of the best ways to do this step by step is to start on THE 40 DAY HEALTH JOURNAL again that you can download right here on for FREE!  Get on it dog’on it!

**And remember, you do not have to follow the 4o Days to the “t”.  You can add and subtract what you want.  The main thing is to get started on some level and stay Consistent.


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