Monkeys falling out of the sky and landing on GB Hummer!

wout57GB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 7

Go to the highest number “Ascending” in multiples of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25,…..that you can in 7 minutes for the following: 

Squats, Pushup Leg Tucks

Check out some of our GB Lunch workout group doing some “Wall Balls” and “Wall Ball Situps”!  They are Gettin on it dog’on it!

Know This.  Remember This:

HE LOVES YOU.  He Loves you so much that He literally GAVE (Love) His Son, Jesus Christ, for you.  And By This Love, you now have literal LIFE AND LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY.  Now you still will face challenges and adversity, but because of LOVE (GOD & JESUS) you can and will overcome them.  And actually, YOU HAVE ALREADY OVERCOME THEM.  So ye baby!  GEt excited about this.  Choose to focus on what you do have and all the Great LIFE He has already given you and made available to you.  Focus on this truth and this GOOD rather than dwell on any bad past experiences and or worrying about any bad that “might” happen.  It is like I tell the boys when an issue about worrying comes up: “Yes and monkeys could fall out of the sky and land on our Hummer, but it aint likely at all.” 




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