3 Health Tips you may not know about

wout59GB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 7

3-5 rounds: 20 Overhead walkn Lunge, 20 SuperCrunch.  *for overhead w lunge, hold dbs, bb, stick, etc

Check out the GB lunch group gettin’ on it dog’on it!  As you can tell there are several different Exercises/Movements going on during this workout.  That is one thing you for sure get when you come workout with us here at GB: Variety.  We may do a lot of “repeating” sometimes, but for the most part, we always work on including a lot of variety with the exercises we choose, and the way we set up each workout. 

Here are a few “tidbits” I have read over the past few days for you.  These are from recent studies, and of course some of it we already know, but it is good to be reminded:

1. Positive cues help you exercise longer!  So stay positive during your workouts, and be that positive voice for others.

2. High Fructose corn syrup actually makes you hungry (yeh this has been known for a while) – from hfcs, and other “added” sugars, the list of consequences are: Obesity, Heart Disease, Diabetes.  (and who knows what all other disease!)

3. Omega 3 fatty acids boost heart health.  Find omegas in fish, flaxseed oil, nuts.

There you go, some more fuel for your health and life FIRE!  Ye baby!



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