Good way to get more Whole Foods into your Diet

lunch18GB DW (daily workout)

Movement stretches x 8

3-5 rds x 10 reps each exercise:  Overhead walking lunge (r,l=1), Pushup LegTuck, XCrunch(r,l=1)

Here in this pic is one of my favorite lunch options (turkey roll & avocado) with some fruit.  This is a pretty healthy lunch, tastes great, and is very simple to make. 

On the subject of FOOD, LeAnne came up on a great deal last week.  Central High School has a program where someone comes with boxes of many different fresh veggies and fruit.  You pay $20, get an empty box and pretty much get as much as you think you need to feed your family for the week!  We got a box full of stuff and in it was: kale, strawberries, blueberries, lettuce, carrots, plums, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, and more I cant think of right now.  Now this is not “locally grown” produce where you are more sure that it is close or closer to truly “organically” grown, but it is non packaged, and non processed foods which is a better choice.  Anyway I think this can be a great option for you and your family.

For us it was great because it was a cheaper option vs. what we would have paid at the grocery store for the same stuff.  Also, because we had it, we wanted to make sure we did not waste it, so we came up with meals to use it.  This helped us to get more “whole foods” into our diet, where as otherwise we likely would not have gotten near as much just from not having it on hand. 

So I recommend checking this out at Central High School on thursday evenings.  My understanding is that it is a fundraiser for their Ag Department.  To me it seems like a win win situation. 


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