1 Nutrition Principle that can get you quick Results

familynjeepGB DW (daily workout)

Max Reps n 3 min of each Exercise.  30 seconds rest between each exercise:

JRope/Run, Walkn Lunges, Leg Tucks

Here is a pic of the Johnsons in one of our Jeep CJs from couple of years back.  We like getting in a jeep and “messing around”!  I am ready and excited to get one of our new Jeep CJ projects finished so we can “mess around” soon!  Ye baby!

Nutrition: Yesterday I gave you some simple Nutrition Tips, like we do here on godbuilt.com often.  One of the things I have found in my nearly “20” years of health coaching now, is that many times we are looking for the “latest and greatest”.  We are looking for that “New Thing” that is the true magic solution, the easy fix.  Well in almost 20 years now, I still have not found or seen that “magic fix”.  I have seen many things that people thought were it, but it didnt work out too well. 

One of the main things I tell people when it comes to nutrition is this:

Just do the things you already know you should be doing, and dont worry about trying to find something new.

See most everyone already knows enough basic solid Nutrition information that if they would just apply a few of those things they could literally change their health and life for the better.  And then along the way, if they discover new things, then great.  So stop trying or waiting to find the NEW, the LATEST AND GREATEST.  Just do what you already know you could be doing no matter how “basic” it may seem.  Remember, it is the Basic, Fundamental things that bring the best, and most lasting results!


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