Choose that Thing that will get your butt up & MOVING!

dbgymringsGB DW (daily workout)

3 rds x 10 each – squats, pushup shoulder stand, supercrunch

1 min max reps of each exercise.  rest 20 seconds between exercises – Squat Jumps, Pushup Leg Tucks, Situps, Power Clean & Press

Check out David Ben doing some serious Exercising.  The boys love to come up here to GB and “play” with all our fun equipment.  And as “naturally” active as they are, just like most kids, they still have that tendency to be lazy if you let them sometimes.  Both of the boys love playing outside, but in many cases if you gave them a choice, they would choose to stay inside and watch tv or play video games.  So we have to “help” them to make the right decision and get there butts outside and play.  And again, once they are out there, they have a blast.

Kids are like us adults.  Many times the thought of staying at our desk, or sitting on the couch is much more appealing vs. getting up and making ourselves MOVE.  And at the same time, everyone of us always Feels much Better once we do get up and make ourselves MOVE.  Many times though, we have to have that extra Push, Motivation from something or someone else in order to make that Correct Choice and actually Get Moving. 

It is very important that you find Your Motivation, and or that thing or person that will give you that extra push.  One of the most important things you can do, I believe, in this area is to MAKE GOD YOUR BIGGER PURPOSE for improving your health.  If YOU are your bigger purpose, then many times that is not a strong enough motivation or encouragement to “push you through” the tougher times.  When you make your Bigger Purpose for improving your health to serve, honor, and glorify God in your health, then that is a true Bigger Purpose. Now there is nothing at all wrong with wanting, and using, personal goals in order to motivate and “inspire” you such as: Wanting to lose weight to look better; wanting to Feel Better; wanting to live healthier and happier; wanting to “fit” into certain clothes; wanting to regain past strength/fitness levels; reach new fitness levels.  All these are great, valid, and can be great “motivation” tools to help encourage you to get your butt out of that desk, or couch.  My experience though is for most people these are only temporary encouragement and are not “big” or “strong” enough to get you up when the process gets very physically and emotionally tough.  

Basically what I am trying to say is that you have to find that something that is your true “BIGGER PURPOSE”.  The one thing that is truly going to keep you going no matter how tough it gets and no matter how long it takes.  Making HIM your Bigger Purpose for improving your health is the ONE thing I believe that will hold through any and all.  And remember making Him your Bigger Purpose for improving your health should not put you under condemnation or guilt in anyway.  If it does then you are not “seeing” it correctly.  When you truly make HIM your Bigger Purpose, you see that yes you have a Responsibility to control your health, but also you see that you have a RIGHT and you have the POWER to control your health.  You more so understand the Truth that YOU GET TO TAKE CONTROL AND KEEP CONTROL of your health.


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