To Do List: Should You Use them?

jptodolistGB DW (daily workouts)

Choose 1-2 for Weekend:

1. Movement Stretches x 7

Max Rounds n 7 min of: 19 DB swings, 19 Pushups

2. 50 / 100 of all (in order you choose): Wlunges, Dips, Situps, Pull-ups/Bent-over Rows

Check out the pic of Joshua Paul’s “to do list” I found up here at God-Built recently.  I found one very similar to this a while back and posted it up.  We have a “Prayer Room” upstairs and the boys love to go up there and play.  Anyway I thought this was pretty neat, and I am pleased as a Daddy about his list of things he apparrently thinks are important enough to put on a “to do list”!  Notice he has “eat” in there 3 times.  Pretty funny stuff. 

We all have “to do list”.  Sometimes we write them down like Joshua Paul did, and sometimes they are just in our head, but either way we usually have some sort of list we believe is important to get done.  In my own life I know I many times I dont get my “to do list” done.  It always starts with a lot of enthusiasm and true “Expectation” that I am going to get it done.  In many cases I just simply get distracted.  And at other times I just get frustrated and go on to something else, totally expecting to come back to that thing, but many times I do not get back to it.  Anyway, the point is that we all fail sometimes to accomplish our “to do list” whether it has to do with our health and or any other area of life.  Here are some points I  think are important to remind ourselves of as it pertains to “to do lists“:

1. Yes it is good to have them.  They help us establish some kind of PLAN.  And it can help us to focus in on the things we believe are more important.

2. Stay out of CONDEMNATION.  Remember this is a huge key in health and life.  If you dont accomplish your “to do list” in the given time, that is ok.  Dont quit on it.  Make adjustements if needed, and just pick right back up.  Condemnation literally kills!  It kills dreams, it kills enthusiasm, it kills physically, and it steals from you. 

3. Be Realistic.  Now here is a big one for me!!  Like you have heard me say many times before, “I am a dreamer”.  I can think and Expect BIG!  And that is great.  At the same time though I have to be realistic too as to what may be too much.  If you continually set your goals so high you can not accomplish them in a certain time span, then you may end up getting so frustrated you just quit!  So as I say: DREAM BIG, and at the same time help yourself and or have someone else help you to set goals that you realistically will stick with.

4. ALWAYS EXPECT.  To do lists can be great.  Setting daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals is all good.  Just remember though, truly the main thing is like Jesus said: “Focus on today and dont be worried about tomorrow.”  Take today and make the most of it.  Do something today positive towards your health, even if it is one thing.  And remember that one thing.  Use that 1 thing to encourage you to do 1 more thing tomorrow. 

5. KNOW HE LOVES YOU NO MATTER WHAT.  AND HE MADE YOU TO EXCEL IN YOUR HEALTH AND LIFE!  This is truly the #1 thing, even though I just listed it as the #5 thing!  To understand more and more that HE loves you, literally no matter what, is extremely powerful.  And the more you understand HIS True Grace / His True Love for you personally then the more you will understand that you already have everything inside of you that you need to walk out His absolute Best for you in your health and every other area of life!


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