jppbjrestaursignGB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 8

Max Rds n 10 / 20 Minutes:

20 Squats, 20 Pushups, 20 WLunges, 20 Situps

Check out Joshua Paul and his “self created” Restaurant sign.  He decided yesterday that he was going to turn the tree house into a restaurant and he came up with this sign all on his own.  The name is “PB & J Shack”.  And the moto at the bottom reads: “small resaurant, big flavor”!  I love it, and I thought it was pretty cool. 

Remember these Basics about Exercise:

MOVE – just find a way to move / be active everyday.  Even if it is simply getting up from your desk and walking around your office building for 2-3 minutes.

Be Effecient – If you are going to set up a specific “workout” program, do your best to “maximize” your time by doing more effecient Exercises, and doing them in a way such that you get the most out of your time spent!  You know, just like the type workouts we do here at God-Built and our corporate partner locations.

Get a Partner– You do not have to have someone to workout with and or join a group, but in most cases this helps tremendously.  For most people having this ‘accountability” can be a big push in helping them to “keep going” in the beginning especially, and any other time period when it gets tuff.

Dont make it such a Big Deal– Dont go into Exercise with the outlook of “well, I have to do this.”  That usually does not turn out good for most. Yes it is a big deal, but it is important how you “see” it.   Yes it will be tough sometimes, and many times you will not “want to” Exercise.  But dont make it a burden.  Do not make it a law!  Make sure you see it as something you “Get to do”.  And remember the saying “it is Fun when it is done”!


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