Exercise: #2 is actually #1

wout60GB DW (daily workout)


Movement Stretches x 20 each + any other Stretching you want to do.

Check out 3 of our youth athletes doing some serious work here at GB.  These awesome young athletes / mighty warriors for The Kingdom, are actually brother and sisters.  Pretty cool stuff that we are priviledged / blessed to be able to work with them. 

In the picture you will notice that  all 3 of the kids are doing different exercises.  We like to do “circuit” style, or Interval Style workouts where we have our groups going through several different exercises.  And they do a certain amount of reps or time at each exercise, rest for a short given time period then go on to the next exercise.  This is just 1 Workout Mode that we use to get in several different exercises at each workout, with high intensity work done.  And remember when I say “High Intensity”, here at GB it is always “Relative to the Individual“. 

Also, here at GB, the level of Intensity is always dependant on the CONTROL of the individual with the exercise, or at least that is what we highly recommend and “preach”.  What we teach and preach is that each individual should put their “Form” and “Technique” first and foremost.  And then as long as they can maintain a good level of CONTROL for the given exercise, they can jack up the Intensity.  In other words, WE DONT SACRIFICE “CONTROL” FOR INTENSITY.  You can do it, and you may get away with it.  We just believe that it is better to lean more towards doing things correctly for 2 reasons:

1. More Effecient, therefore short term and or long term it produces better Results. 

2. Reduce chance of Injury. 

And we believe that the #2 is actually the #1 reason for making CONTROL (good form / technique) our 1st Priority with Exercise.


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