GB Trainer has literally lost 100 lbs

angeltateGB DW (daily workouts)

Choose 1-2 for your awesome EASTER Weekend!  Thank YOU, JESUS!

1.Movement Stretches x 8

50/100 Burpees

2.10+ Minutes Walking, Running, Biking, etc

Check out Angel Tate and her before and after pics!  Angel is one of our awesome GB Trainers.  She is one of our “newer” trainers and has really done a great job of catching on to what we do and how we do it here at God-Built.  She is doing great as a trainer, and is continuously improving.  And of course as you can see she has made tremendous strides in her overall health and weight loss.  Check out her testimony for the most recent 40 day Juice Fast her and her husband completed:

“We finished up our 40 day juice detox this week & I just wanted to share with you our results. During this time I lost 33.1 lbs and 22 inches overall & Danny lost 28 lbs. God also allowed me to achieve a goal which has been a long time coming. As of Wednesday (the 40th day of our detox), I was down 100 lbs from the time I decided to start my transformation. Here’s a new before & now pic. 

 God bless you & your family & have an awesome Easter celebration weekend!  Angel”

Wow, Angel that is awesome! You go girl.  We are so thankful to have Angel as part of our team of God-Built Trainers.  She has done a great job of being a living example and showing just how you can literally TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH AND LIFE!

Have a Great Easter Weekend.  Remember that HE, JESUS CHRIST, did already take it all on for you and me.  And HE did all HE did, just because HE and GOD our Father LOVES US, me and you, so amazingly much!


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