I Challenge You, and me!

boysbaseballGB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 10

For 10+ Minutes- Run 1 min, Walk 1 min.  *Each “Run” interval, go a little faster.

Check out the boys in their baseball unis!  They are cool.  This is the first year of baseball for both of them.  They are doing great.

I am CHALLENGING You and Me!  Let’s get super focused on whatever GOALS it is that we have in our health and lives.  You may not want to pick more than 1 because you can get too much going and wind up not getting anything done.  (man i just stepped on my own toes!) That is up to you to decide.  Either way, I want me and you to Challenge ourselves to literally get Super Focused and get some health and life goals accomplished.  I already have my goals that I am focusing in on and putting a date to hit it hard up until we go on vacation at the end of May. 

Now for me and you to get and stay Super Focused, we are going to have to get rid of some distractions.  And this is the case anytime you set goals in your health and life.  So figure out anything that can be distractions and find a way to keep it out, and or away from you.  And do NOT look at this thing as something “You Have to do”, but rather see it as a something “You Get to do”!  See it as an OPPORTUNITY, A Blessing, and a God Given Right to go after an obtain this thing you want for your health and life!  So here we go!  Lets me and you GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!



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