wout39GB DW (daily workout)

10 x Squats, Pushups, Leg Tucks, Walkn Lunges

3-5 rounds for Best Time: 20 DB Swings, 20 Pushup Leg Tucks, 50 JRope

Here are some GB members doing some “parking lot running”! 

We teach all our clients that Form / Control is the #1 Focus with all our Exercise movements, and this of course includes Running.  We believe that Intensity should not “trump” Control/Form because it increases Chance of Injury, please short term and long term it decreases Effeciency.  Now of course we realize that everyone’s form is not going to be perfect all the time.  At the same time though we put a lot of emphasis on our members learning and “Doing” Good Form Movements with all Exercises. 

With Running, we have found over the years that this is one of the main “movements” or Exercises that people pay the least amount of attention to as far as “Form” and “Mechanics”.  In my experience over the last 19 years, most “amatuer” runners (amatuer in this case simply means they do not get paid to run) do not run with good mechanics.  And this is a big factor in what usually leads to OVERUSE INJURIES such as: bad knees, hip problems, back issues, foot issues, etc.  So here is a list for you, if you are currently running and or are considering adding Running into your Exercise program:

#1- find someone who can teach you good Running Mechanics and how to “properly” add Running into your schedule.  Adding too much Volume of Running is a big big problem among runners.

-Run w/ a slight forward lean

-Run by landing directly under the body and striking the ground with the “midfoot” or “forefoot”.  Do NOT land in front of the body and end up “heel striking”. 

-“Pop the heel” through once you land / strike the ground.  Basically this is what we call the “HEEL POP”.  Once you land with your foot on the midfoot or forefoot, then immediately “POP” your heel back up under and towards your butt.  Now, how big of a heel pop you have is determined by the desired speed.  If you are running at a basic “joggers” pace, then it will be a lite, and smaller heel pop. 

-Keep the Hands above the hip joints, or basically at or near the waist line.  Keep your elbows bent near a 90* angle at all times and move the arms straight forward and straight back, not allowing your hands to swing across your stomach.  Keep your wrists loose

Now there may be more to Running with Good Form than what I just gave you, but if you will practice those simple Basic Fundamentals, you will be well on your way to being much more Effecient with your Running.  And remember, if your mechanics are not good, then it will take time to get it correct, and during the process of “learning” the proper mechanics, you will likely have to back off the intensity some until your body gets used to the NEW & BETTER MECHANICES!


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