How to be truly FULFILLED, in your Health & Life

boysdragonflyGB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 10

3 minutes of Each Exercise. Go as Hard as you can for the 3 minutes.  Rest for 30 Seconds between Exercises:

Squats, Pushup Leg Tucks, JRope / Run

Check out the boys at one of our ponds down in Garfield last week.  They found a “special”, “rare”, Emerald Dragon Fly!  We were fishing, the fish were not biting so they lost interest pretty quick and went to exploring.  We all have a big time down in Garfield when we go, and I love it because the boys get to do a lot of “exploring”.  Good stuff.

God’s Love is Great, Enormous, Amazing, More than Enough, Perpetual, Never Ending, Empowering, Giving, Precious, Unbeatable, and completely Fulfilling!  That last word, Fulfilling, is something we are all looking for.  We all want to be Fulfilled in our lives.  God’s Love is the only true thing I know of that is always, and in every way, Fulfilling.  There is nothing else, at least that I know of, that is completely Fulfilling.  And I have tried many things, and always end up with the same thing: Unfulfilled! 

In our lives we all try different things to be fulfilled, and many times it is not a conscious choice to try to be fulfilled necessarily.  Either way we all have ended up being “unfulfilled” in our health and life efforts.  Many times when we think of trying to be fulfilled with the wrong things we think of things like: drugs, alcohol, money, etc.  Over my 19 years now of Health and Life Coaching, I have seen many people try to be fulfilled through Exercise, Nutrition, and other Fitness related things like: a Certain physical look; Level of Strenght or other fitness performance; sport; etc.  And just like any other way you try to reach true “Fulfillment” these people end up unfilled and many times end up stopping their Fitness efforts all together. 

Like you have heard me say many times here on, and if you have attended any number of our GB workouts, we believe it is important to always make God your bigger purpose for seeking any health and fitness achievements.  And in doing this you have to first make the choice that HE is going to be first in your health, and in every other area of your life.  Now this does not mean that you cant strive to look better, feel better, and be able to perform certain physical tasks at a higher level.  You just choose to make God your first and foremost reason for setting out to achieve health goals, then the those other reasons are what we call your “Secondary” reasons or purposes. 

Putting HIM first in your health and life, is the only way you are going to be FULFILLED.  And in putting HIM first, you start to understand that just because of HIS LOVE for You, He wants you to prosper and be in Health even more than you do.  And you will start to realize more and more that all the power, ability, will power, etc is already inside you because of HIS LOVE for you, which is based all IN CHRIST!


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