Use past Memories to RENEW your Soul & Body

boysgarfieldpondGB DW (daily workout)

Walk / Run / Bike / JRope for 10+ minutes

Check out the boys at another one of our ponds on the farm in Garfield.  That is Papa’s little truck, and it is the one with the “little red secret button” that you only push in case of emergencies!  As Papa told us, when you push that “little red secret button”, the truck could get out of otherwise impossible situations.  And when we were little we of course would act like we didnt believe him.  For some reason though we would always go looking under the dash to see if we could find it!  Good stuff!

You know, bringing up old GOOD Memories like that are literally good for your soul and your body.  Your spirit is already made Whole and New by Jesus Christ, but your soul and body need constant renewing and Rejuvenating.  And again, bringing back Good old Memories do a mind and a body very Good!  So Choose to bring back GOOD and GREAT memories.  No we do not live in the past and allow ourselves to dwell on the past so much that we start “wishing” we were back there.  No that does no good whatsoever!  But yes, we can use the past to stir up good emotions, hope, Love, and CONFIDENCE / FAITH for the present and the future!

So yes keep Exercising.  Yes, keep making better, wiser, Nutrition choices.  And all the while stir yourself up by remembering Good things and those awesome past VICTORIES that God allowed you to see and experience the Victory in!


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