Olympic Lifts- To Do or Not To Do

olympicfullextentionGB DW (daily workout)

20 x squats, pushups, wlunges, leg tucks

50 Power cleans for Best Time- Either choose a medium weight and push yourself to go hard and fast, or choose a heavier weight that forces you to break it up in 5+ sets

Check out this pic that I downloaded from the webernet several years ago.  I like to use this pic to show our young athletes what a true Full “Triple Extention” looks like.  Triple Extention in an olympic lift means a full extention at the “3” joints: Ankle, Knee, Hip.  Without this true Full Extention at all 3 joints, you will not Maximize your body’s full potential for any olympic lifts.  And in most cases for Power Speed sports, and any other sports requiring “explosive movements, this Triple Extention is extremely important for Maximum force output. 

We teach this Triple Extention to all our members / clients /athletes here at GB.  Now we also teach our Trainers that many of our clients are not going to take the time to truly focus in on having the best Technique in lifts such as the Olympic lifts, and that is completely fine.  For us, as long as our clients are staying Fundamentally sound in there spinal alignment and body positioning during the lift, it is fine with us if they are not 100% sound with their Technique in a complex lift such as a Power Clean or Snatch.

With any exercise, the more you focus in on better Technique, the safer the lift generally is, and the more Effecient you get at it, therefore usually rendering better performance and Fitness Results.  Remember though, even if you do not want to spend Extra Time learning how to be a great Olympic Lifter, you still can benefit GREATLY from complex exercises lift Olympic lifts!



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