Are your Excuses more “legit” than others?!

wout59GB DWs (daily workouts)

Choose 1-2 for Weekend!

Movement Stretches x 8 before each workout

1. 10,9,8,7,….1 For Best Time- Squat Press (dbs or bb), Pushup Leg Tuck.  *Do 10 Squat Press and 10 Pushup Leg Tucks.  Then do 9 of each, 8 of each, and so on until you finish at 1 rep of each.

2. Max Reps in 2 minutes of 3-5 exercises.  You choose which exercises you want to do.  Rest 1 minute between each exercise.

Here is a pic from one of our lunch SuperFit workouts.  They are gettin on it dog’on it, and they are not letting Excuses stop them!

No Excuses!  That is the take that me and you have to have on all areas of our lives.  There will always be plenty of Excuses of why we can not achieve our goals.  And many times they can seem to be pretty valid and legit.  BUT… and that is a big ole BUT, if you want to walk out God’s Best for you in your health and every other area of life, you are going to have to live by the above motto: NO EXCUSES! 

We all have allowed things to Stop us from achieving those goals we want so badly to see in our health and lives.  And in some cases “our excuses” and challenges may seem to be bigger and more “legit” than others.  IN some cases that may be true, but my experience is that most every time, it is just bigger to us in our own minds because we have built it up ourselves.  And like they say “PERCEPTION IS REALITY”.  If you think your reasons for not accomplishing or being able to accomplish your goals are just too big, and worse than others, then that is the “reality” you will live out, even though it is most likely not the truth.  Either way though, there is No Reason or Obstacle that is bigger than the ONE living inside you!  SO GET ON IT DOG’ON IT! 


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