Who is Your BUNKER BUDDY?!

boysaquariumGB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 9

30/50 Reps x each Exercise for Best Time.  Do in any order you choose: 

Squats, Pushups, XCrunch, WLunge, Leg Tucks, Side to Side Hops, Alt. Shoulder Stands, Situps

Check out the boys at the Georgia Aquarium.  Some of our very good friends gave us a family pack of tickets.  We all had a great time.  It is amazing to see all those beautiful and wonderful “sea” creations that GOD made.  Great stuff!

Jason T. and I were working out together today.  Jason is one of our GB Trainers and a great friend.  He started with us several years back as a client and has made great Health Improvements.  He did it right!  He made a choice to take control of his health, stayed consistent, worked hard, and is reaping the benefits big time now. 

Today after our workout I made the comment (as we were both laying on the floor in exhaustion) that I would not have worked that hard had he not been there.  Then he made a great statement.  He said that we all needed a BUNKER BUDDY.  He went on to explain that a Bunker Buddy is someone who will be there with you during the tough times, as well as the good times.  A Bunker Buddy is one who will help keep you going in the right direction.  And man he is so right about that.  We all can benefit from that in our lives.

All of us can benefit from others in all areas of our lives.  Now listen, we do not DEPEND ON OTHERS!  God is our #1 Source.  He is our #1 Bunker Buddy, and yes at the same time He can use people in our lives to help us also.  So even though yes I do encourage you to find those people that can help you in different areas of your life, you have to make sure you do not get Dependant on people. 

Make God your #1 BUNKER BUDDY!  And ask HIM to lead the right people into your life that are meant to help you to GET ON COURSE, STAY ON COURSE, and walk out HIS BEST FOR YOUR LIFE.  **And remember too that you can ask HIM to use you to be that help for others in their lives.



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